The Vision of Trinityhaus

Christianity has a long tradition of emphasizing the life of the mind as an act of worship to God (one recalls great theologians and thinkers such as Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, Edwards, and Lewis). However, the unfortunate trend of the past century in many Christian circles has been to forget (or perhaps simply neglect) to carry on this great tradition. Our prayer at Trinityhaus is to reverse this trend by equipping and challenging the church—as well as skeptics and seekers—in such a way that they might consider renewing, not just their hearts, but also their minds to the glory of God.

Trinityhaus exists to provide the church with the resources it needs to be both an intelligent and gracious witness for the Christian Faith. In an era of increased skepticism and secularism, this task is necessary and important. Christians often feel ill-equipped to answer the fundamental questions about their faith, especially when they are posed by an increasingly suspicious culture. As a result, these questions tend to be answered unsatisfactorily or worse, unanswered altogether. Trinityhaus seeks to stand in the gap by training Christians how to make a reasonable defense for their faith and to come alongside the skeptic in a gracious way in order to help them on their own spiritual journey toward Christ.

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