Our Mission

The mission of Trinityhaus is to be an online avenue for Christian thought, dialogue, and education. It is unfortunate that there has existed a tension between the Church and the Academy, between what some have labeled “the heart” and “the mind.” Trinityhaus seeks to “bridge the gap” between the Church and the Academy. We have come to believe that there is a direct and fundamental relationship between theology and life, head and heart, theoria and praxis. The fact is, Christianity has a long tradition of emphasizing the life of the mind as an act of worship to God–one recalls great theologians and thinkers such as Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, Edwards, Wesley, Chesterton, and Lewis. The modern trend, however, has been to forget (or perhaps simply neglect) to carry on this great tradition.

Our central aim is to equip and challenge the church in such a way that they might consider renewing not just their hearts but also their minds to the glory of God (Rom 12:1-2). We accomplish this by providing educational resources, hosting forums, and making available other helpful materials to the church. We are passionate about coming alongside Christians to help them learn more about their faith, about holy Scripture, and, consequently, how to be an intelligent and gracious representative for Christ. In this vein, Trinityhaus is a ministry.