Introducing “A Greek Word You Need to Know”

greekGreek is a fascinating language, not least because it was the language the New Testament writers chose to use in order to communicate with their readers. This language, Koine Greek to be precise, can be gold for the serious student of the Bible. For those who want to take their study of Scripture to a deeper level, learning Greek remains one of the obvious first steps. (Check out the recent blog post I wrote here about the value of learning NT Greek.) 

In order to whet our linguistic appetites, I am going to start writing a series of blog posts called “A Greek Word You Need to Know.” I’ll try to do one each week, more or less. Each post will do three things: (1) State and define the particular Greek word, giving the phonetic spelling so that you can learn to say it properly; (2) Give a few sample passages from Scripture where the word is found; and (3) Share a few theological reasons why this particular word is important. It will be short, sweet, and to the point.

Of course, if you are interested in going further in your learning, please check out our upcoming NT Greek class here.

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