Research Fellows

Dr. Cory Barnes
Research Fellow

Cory Barnes holds a Ph.D. in Old Testament from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. His dissertation research focused on developing a better understanding of why the description of the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2–3 is important to the biblical story. Cory is the author of From Creed to Canon (Borderstone Press, 2014), which examines the relationship between early church creeds and the transmission of NT manuscripts. Cory currently serves as Assistant Professor and Chair of Christian Studies at Shorter University in Rome, GA. Cory’s passion is equipping believers to better understand God’s word through his ministry in the academy and the local church.

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Dr. Delio DelRio
Research Fellow

Delio DelRio holds a PhD in New Testament with a minor in the Hebrew Scriptures. His primary research interest have concerned the intertextual relationship between the New Testament and Hebrew Scriptures with a specific focus on the influence of Targum texts. He is the author of Paul and the Synagogue (Wipf and Stock, 2013) and “The Targums and the Apostle Paul,” in Earliest Christianity within the Boundaries of Judaism: Essays in Honor of Bruce Chilton (Brill, 2016). He is also a member of the translation team for the “Readings from the Roots” Revised Common Lectionary project published online by Bard College ( Delio serves as Assistant Professor of New Testament at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and has served in the local church as senior pastor for fifteen years.

Chandler Warren
Associate Research Fellow
Chandler is an MLitt student at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) for Analytic and Exegetical Theology. He graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University where he studied theology and philosophy. As an OBU student, Chandler wrote an honor’s thesis titled “The God of Hell: On the Relation between the Divine and the Damned.” This thesis explored God’s relation to hell via his divine timelessness, omnipresence, and divine simplicity. As a licensed minister, Chandler has served in local churches in Eastern and Central Oklahoma and spoken in churches across Oklahoma and Texas. He is most interested in classical Christian theism, divine attributes, metaphysics, patristics, eschatology, and christology. Besides his interests in academia, Chandler is passionate about teaching and preaching sound doctrine to local churches. Chandler enjoys reading, exploring, and traveling.